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Smoking as A Risk Factor for Periodontitis in Erbil City
Author: Saya Mustafa Azeez
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Using Three Dimensional Isovist to Detect the Property of Surprise in Architectural Artifacts: Islamic Architecture as A Context
Authors: Ali Haider Al-Jameel & Eman Khalid Al-Moula
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Metabolic Syndrome and Related Lifestyle Factors Among Group of People in Erbil City
Authors: Pary Hadi & Zida Karim
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Explicit Solution of First-Order Differential Equation Using Aitken’s and Newton’s Interpolation Methods
Author: Salisu Ibrahim
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Parametric Study for Behavior of the Punching Shear Capacity of Flat Slab Without Shear Reinforcement by The Selected Design Codes
Author: Hawar Hasan Jasim
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Optimization and Modeling the Processes of Green Magnetite Nanoparticle: Synthesis, Photo Catalysis Tendency and Kinetics of Removing Organic Dye from Aqueous Solutions
Authors: Avan Kareem & Ibtisam Kamal
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Application of Lagrange Interpolation Method to Solve First-Order Differential Equation Using Newton Interpolation Approach
Author: Salisu Ibrahim
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A New Hybridization of Bilateral and Wavelet Filters for Noisy De-Noisy Images
Authors: Wasfi T. Saalih Kahwachi & Hawkar Q. Birdawod
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A Literature Review of Publications Trends to Shape Memory Alloys by Using Bibliometric Analysis
Authors: Pshdar Ahmed Ibrahim & Sivar Aziz Baiz
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Medicinal Plants as A Natural Immune Booster
Authors: Abdulrahman Mahmoud Dogara & Nuraddeen Bello Ahmad & Aishatu Ishaq Jumare
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Forecasting Electricity Generation in Kurdistan Region Using BOX-Jenkins Model
Authors: Wasfi T. Saalih Kahwachi & Samyia Khalid Hasan
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Molecular Identification of Biocide Resistant Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) Genes in Multi-Drug Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated from ICU Patients in Erbil City
Authors: Payam A. Othman & Soza Th. Baban
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Parkinson’s Disease Detection by Processing Different ANN Architecture Using Vocal Dataset
Authors: Yusra Mohammed M. Salih & Snwr Jamal Mohammed
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The Impact of Accessibility and Connectivity On Walkability in Public Open Spaces at City Center of Erbil
Authors: Shilan A. Nury & Hamid T. Haykal
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The Smoking Prevalence Among University Students in Erbil City/ Iraq
Authors: Mohamed Salim Younus & Karam Ahmed & Rebaz Tahir Lak
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Comparing The Antibacterial Efficacy of NaoCL, Chlorhexidine, NaOCL/MTAD Chlorhexidine/MTAD Against E. Faecalis
Authors: Karam Ahmed Thiab & Mohamed Salim
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Comparative Analysis On Malls Characteristics Towards Their Wayfinding System
Authors: Turki Hassan Ali & Noor Yassar Yahya
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Acoustical Evaluation and Comparison Between Two Classroom Types in Erbil
Authors: Nawzad K. Jalal & Dawa A. A. Masih & Sulaiman A. Mustafa
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Preference Study Environment of Group Study Room in University Library (A Case Study at Tishk International University Library)
Authors: Shaaban Mustafa Shukur & Hafedh Yahya
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Investigating The Effect of Trinia and Zirconia Implant Supported Fixed Partial Denture On Stress Distribution in Peripheral Bone: A Three Dimensional Finite Element Modeling
Authors: Nabeel Seryoka Martani & Berivan Nawzad Hadi
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Analysis of Heavy Metals in Goat and Cow Hides Singed with Scrap Tyre In Tudun Wada Zango Abattoir, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Authors: Sulaiman Aliyu & Ibrahim Basira & Salisu Muhammad Tahir & Abdulhamid Hussaini & Muhammad Usman
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Hybrid Method for Accretive Variational Inequalities Involving Pseudocontraction
Author: Abdulnasir Isah
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Detection Of clbB and clbN Genes in Isolated Klebsiella Pneumoniae of Biopsies from Colorectal Cancer Patient in Erbil Province
Authors: Jutiyar Ibrahim & Hêro Farhad Salah
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Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitudes, And Practices Regarding Post COVID 19 Complications (Physical, Biological), And Immunization Practices in Hawler Medical University, KR, Iraq
Authors: Sahar Mohammed Zaki & Fatiheea Fatihalla Hassan & Omid Saber Abdullah & Zainab AliJaff
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Impact of Physical Inactivity and Pressure on Weight Gain During COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine in Iraq
Authors: Amani L. Hameed & Sahar MZ. Abdullah & Abdulrazzaq B. Mohammed
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Sustainable Architecture: A Solution for Scandinavian Housing Crisis – The Case of Snabba Hus Västberga Stockholm, Sweden
Author: Stran Star
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Association Between Paraoxonase 1 (PON 1) And Apolipoprotein E (APO E) Polymorphism with Lipid Profile in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients
Authors: Yadasht Hayder & Mudhir Sabir Shekha
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Metal Assisted Stain Etched Porous Silicon for Detecting Klebsiella Bacteria
Authors: Hardawan A Darwesh Ali & Yousif M. Hassan
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