A Literature Review of Publications Trends to Shape Memory Alloys by Using Bibliometric Analysis

Authors: Pshdar Ahmed Ibrahim1 & Sivar Aziz Baiz2
1Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Raperin, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
2Department of Physics Education, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University, Erbil, Iraq

Abstract: Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) have been at the lead of research for the past several decades. Shape memory alloys have a variety of applications and are used in many areas. That is why other fields are interested in investigating and researching this area of study. For example, actuators and other responsive devices are products of SME studies applied in medicine, aerospace, fashion, and many other fields. To study the general development of SMA, we reviewed the annual SMA publications, citations, the most active researcher, the core journals publishing SMA investigations, and the most productive countries are all studies in this research using bibliography analyzes. This study will map the progression and highlight the most cited studies, a few of the best review articles, and the most used keyword in the publications are also considered more than fifty years (1971-2021), showing the scientific productivity in the SMA. This will help starter researchers in the SMA area of study by; to begin with, and it’s essential to understand how SMA research and conclusions have progressed through time. Furthermore, introduce active researchers/institutes and opens a way for collaborations. This study will also help the decision-makers in the industry to take advantage of the progression in SMA as it is applied in many areas.

Keywords: Bibliometric Analysis, Scientific Productivity, Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs), Cooperative studies, Shape Memory Effect (SME)

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Doi: 10.23918/eajse.v9i1p116

Published: January 15, 2023


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