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Synthesis, Antimicrobial, DPPH Radical Scavenging Assays and Molecular Docking Study of New Series N-Phenylpyrazoline Derivatives
Author: Media Noori Abdullah
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Solving System of Fractional Order Differential Equations Using Legendre Operational Matrix of Derivatives
Authors: Salisu Ibrahim & Abdulnasir Isah
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An Innovative Approach to Solve Thermal Comfort Problem Related to
100m2 Houses in Erbil

Authors: Haval Sami Ali & Hassan Majeed Hassoon Aldelfi
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Ethnobotany of Medicinal Plants with Antidiabetic Potentials in Northern

Authors: M. Usman & M.D. Abdulrahman & M. C. Emere & G. A. Ajibade
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Surveying with GNSS and Total Station: A Comparative Study
Authors: Salar Khudhur Hussein & Kamal Yaseen Abdulla
P[59-73] PDF

Shifted Genocchi Polynomials Operational Matrix for Solving Fractional Order System
Authors: Abdulnasir Isah & Salisu Ibrahim
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The Loose Space: New Methodology for Thriving Urban City
Author: Stran Star
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A Proposed IoT-Based Bike Sharing System in Erbil City
Authors: Togzhan Nurtayeva & Mohammad Salim & Waseem Mishaal Hamdoon & Taha Basheer Taha & Yasmin Omar
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Some Properties of Concrete Made with Wood Fibers
Author: Junaid Kameran Ahmed
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Biochemical and Physiological Properties of the Phenomenon of Heterosis in Cucumbers, Cucumis Sativus L.
Author: Dogan Ozdemir
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The Effect of Printing Parameters on the Compression Strength, Electrical Conductivity, and Water Absorption Ability
Authors: Rasha Alkabbanie & Sara Serwer & Qusay Awwad & Mohallab Al- Dawood
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Application of Lock-In Thermography for Detecting Leakage Defects in Historic Masonry Arch Structures
Authors: Mohammed Fadhil Hama & Ilham Ibrahim Mohammed
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Impact of Nano Materials on the Properties of Asphalt Cement
Authors: Salar Khudhur Hussein & Taman Ahmed Hussein & Ganjeena Jalal Khoshnaw
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Copper Metal Matrix Composite [CMMC] Behavior at Cold Compaction
Authors: Iyd Eqaab Maree
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A Practical Study of the Positions of the Offsite-Strip Fins [OSF] Heat Transfer Performance to the Turbulent Water Flow
Author: Iyd Eqqab Maree
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Teaching Methodology for Interior Design Studio-I during COVID-19
Pandemic at Tishk International University

Authors: Sana Basil Mohammed & Merve Sumeyye Taha & Rand B. Mohammed & Shino Abdullah
Mamand & Dlman Aziz Mohammed
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Approximate Methods to Obtain the Optimum Stratum Boundaries: A Comparative Study
Authors: Ghadah A. Alsakkal & Mowafaq Muhammed Al Kassab
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Synthesis and Crystal Structre of Bipyridyl Comlexes of Praseodymium Nitrate and Chloride
Authors: Talib K. Ibrahim & Nabil N. Rammo & Kassam R. Hamid
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Sustainability Analysis of Climate Responsive Elements in Erbil Vernacular Architecture
Authors: Haval Sami & Tuncay Can Akin & Nurtekin Ozen & Nawzad Kakamand
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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Hand Washing Process and Water Consumption
Authors: Kaywan Othman Ahmed & Shuokr Qarani Aziz & Dara Muhammad Hawez & Zhir Latif Sabir
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Effect of Valence Electron Concentration in High Entropy Shape Memory Alloys/ Review
Authors: Sivar Aziz Baiz & Pshdar Ahmed Ibrahim
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A Study of QoS in an Integrated Architecture of WLAN and Hetnet Based LTE-A
Authors: Slvar Abdulazeez Arif & Tara Ali Yahiya
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Fear, Knowledge, and Modification of Practice among Iraqi Dentists to Fight Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic
Authors: Mokhtar Al- Hamidi & Dina Isam Afram Jarjur & Bushra Rashid Noaman & Duran Kala
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Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetic Data in the Erbil Plain (Iraqi Kurdistan Region)
Author: Fadhil A. Ghaib
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