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Utilization of Waste Plastic and Waste Glass Together as Fine and Coarse Aggregate in Concrete
Authors: Ilham I. Mohammed & Nazim Abdul Nariman & Kaywan Othman & Sarhad Ali & Peshwaz Mohammed & Sirwan Samad
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Fresh Properties of Lightweight Concrete and Lightweight Self Compacting Concrete Produced with Pumice Aggregate
Authors: Baban Jamal Hamasalh & Bahman Omar Taha & Ganjeena Jalal Madhat
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Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometric Determination of Some Elements from Anchusa azurea Mill. Collected in Iraqi Kurdistan Region
Authors: Peshawa S. Osw & Faiq H.S. Hussain
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Solar Power for Households in Iraq
Authors: Azad Ahmad Yasien Barzanchi & Soma Abdulsalam Kareem & No’man M.H. Bayaty
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Effect of Soil Stabilization on Subgrade Soil Using Cement, Lime and Fly Ash
Authors: Shalaw Abdullah Saleh &Salar Khudhur Hussein & Ganjeena Jalal Khoshnaw
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The Effect of Crumb Rubber on Asphalt Concrete
Author: Asmaa Abdulmajeed Mamhusseini
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Placement and Replacement of Restorations in General Dental Practice in Iraq
Authors: ALezan Fattah & Bushra Noaman & Rebuar Khalid/td>

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Image Processing and Still Image Transferring for Optogenetics Visual Cortical Stimulator
Authors: Nabeel Abdulrazzaq Fattah & Walid Al-Atabany & Patrick Degenaar
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Availability of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Environment and Food Chains: A Review

Authors: Seerat Ul Ain Bhutto & Sanjrani Manzoor A.& Mutaharat Ul Ain Bhutto & Ahmed M Abodif
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ICH Validation of DPPH Assay Method: Some Interesting Medicinal Drugs

Authors: Fatiha El Babili & Nicole Linda-Mweze & Caroline Vincent & Romain Laleman3 & Arthur Hourugou
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Influence of the Printing Parameters on the Properties of PLA Parts Produced by Fused Filament Fabrication

Authors: Rasha Alkabbanie & Qusay Awwad & Mohallab Al- Dawood
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Isolation of Kaempferol 3-O-Rutinoside from Kurdish Plant Anchusa italica Retz. and Bioactivity of Some Extracts

Authors: Peshawa S. Osw & Faiq H.S. Hussain
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Numerical Approximation Method for Solving Differential Equations

Author: Salisu Ibrahim
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Lossless Compression Methods for Real-Time Images

Authors: Rand B. Mohammed & Roelof van Silfhout
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Image Retrieval Based on Edge Histogram Descriptor of MPEG-7

Authors: Bilal Ahmed & Musa M. Ameen & Mohammed S. Anwar
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