Image Processing and Still Image Transferring for Optogenetics Visual Cortical Stimulator

Authors: Nabeel Abdulrazzaq Fattah1 & Walid Al-Atabany2 & Patrick Degenaar3
1College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq
2Halwan University, Egypt
3Newcastle University, UK

Abstract: One of the most effective treatment methods of human disorder is medical implant devices (MID). Today, the MID is very common for solving what clinically is impossible. Among these MIDs, the visual cortical prosthesis (VCP) is an example of the procedures used to restore blind people’s vision. The visual cortex stimulator (VCS) typically requires fast data transmission and an efficient power supply. Furthermore, the data processing system has very particular requirements such as low efficient processing, power consumption, and small size. In this paper, image processing has been presented for the VCP. The image simplification procedures are applied using cartoonization, TRON and Edge Enhancement, image compression, and pulse modulation. The Bluetooth low energy used for delivering live simplified images. Image sizes of 64×64 are compressed 86%, testing and implementing different approaches. For stimulating brain cells, the retrieving frames are converted to intensity levels with a rate of 0 to 255 levels.

Keywords: Visual Cortical Prosthesis, Image Processing, Image Simplification

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v6i2p73


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