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Proposing a Special Issue at EAJSE Journal

Welcome to the EAJSE Journal, where we invite the submission of Special Issues, curated collections of articles that spotlight emerging research areas within a field or provide a platform for in-depth exploration of existing topics. As the Lead Guest Editor of a Special Issue, you have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in scientific communication, encouraging ongoing research in vital areas while gaining valuable editorial experience and enhancing your academic profile. Numerous additional benefits come with the role of being a Guest Editor.

How to Propose a Special Issue:

If you have an idea for a Special Issue, we encourage you to propose it for one of our journals. Follow the link below to submit your proposal, and consider the following steps:

1. Choosing a Topic:

-Select a topic aligned with your research interests and of increasing interest within your field.
-Ensure the proposed topic falls within the scope of the EAJSE journal, striking a balance between attracting diverse submissions and maintaining a cohesive collection.

2. Preparing a Call for Papers:

-Structure your proposal as a concise Call for Papers, providing enough background information to entice submissions (not exceeding 400 words).
-Familiarize yourself with open Special Issues in the journal to understand the level of detail and specificity required.

3. Special Issue Proposal Structure:

-Clearly define the scope of your proposal, ensuring it aligns with the narrower focus of the Special Issue.
-Avoid broad descriptions that cover the entire scope of the journal.

4. Guest-Editorial Team:

-Assemble a team consisting of a Lead Guest Editor and 2-5 Guest Editors.
-Responsibilities include managing the peer review process and making final decisions on submitted manuscripts.
-The Lead Guest Editor acts as the main contact point, liaising with the Content Development team and coordinating with the Guest Editor team.

5. Submission and Approval:

-Proposals undergo initial checks by the EAJSE editorial team and are then sent to the Editorial Board for approval.
-Be prepared to make revisions based on feedback to enhance your proposal's chances of approval.

6. Assessment Timeline:

-The assessment process typically takes two to four weeks from submission.
We welcome diverse, timely, and impactful Special Issue proposals and look forward to your contributions to the EAJSE Journal. To propose a Special Issue, please follow the link below.

Submit your Special Issue proposal

Thank you for considering EAJSE as a platform for your Special Issue. For more details, please contact with the journal management [email protected]