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Language Editing Service Opportunity in Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering (EAJSE)

The Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering (EAJSE) is pleased to offer a valuable Language Editing Service opportunity for authors looking to enhance the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of their research and review manuscripts. The Language Editing Service aims to assist authors in achieving the highest level of language proficiency in their submissions.

Service Features

1. Expert Language Editors: Our team of skilled language editors comprises professionals with a strong background in pure and applied science, health contents and engineering disciplines. They are experienced in the tones of academic writing and are committed to maintaining the integrity of your research while improving its linguistic and structural aspects.

2. Language Enhancement: The Language Editing Service focuses on refining the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of your manuscript to ensure precision and clarity. We also address issues related to sentence structure and coherence, resulting in a more polished and reader-friendly document.

3. Technical Accuracy: Our editors pay meticulous attention to technical terminology, ensuring that the specialized jargon of your field is used accurately and consistently throughout the manuscript.

4. Formatting and Style: The service includes basic formatting checks to adhere to the journal's guidelines and requirements. We also assist in aligning your manuscript with the preferred citation style of the Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering (EAJSE).

5. Feedback and Suggestions: Alongside the edited manuscript, authors will receive comments and suggestions from our editors, providing insights into the changes made and offering guidance for further improvement.

How to Advantage the Language Editing Service

Authors interested in utilizing the Language Editing Service should follow these steps:

1. Submission: Submit your manuscript to the Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering through the online submission portal, indicating your interest in the Language Editing Service.

2. Evaluation: The editorial team will evaluate your submission and provide you with a cost estimate for the Language Editing Service based on factors such as manuscript length and complexity.

3. Confirmation: Upon confirmation of the service and payment of the applicable fee, our language editors will commence the editing process.

4. Editing Process: The editing process typically takes a specified time, during which the manuscript undergoes thorough language and style enhancement while maintaining the scientific content's integrity.

5. Finalization: After editing, authors will receive the edited manuscript along with feedback and suggestions from the editors. Authors can review the changes and decide whether to accept or reject them.

6. Submission: Once satisfied with the edits, authors can finalize the manuscript and submit it back to the Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering.

What benefits do the authors gain?

It is very essential to have a reviewed by a native- English speaker with expertise in your field paper for possible publication in the journals. This will increase authors’ changes to get accepted for publication. The Language-edited papers are published more often than the regular papers. Therefore, the Language Editing service

1. Improves manuscript quality, enhancing the likelihood of acceptance for publication.

2. Enhance communication of your research findings to a global audience.

3. Contributes your manuscript remains to high language and technical standards.

We invite authors to take advantage of this Language Editing Service opportunity, designed to bridge the gap between research excellence and effective communication. For inquiries and further information, please contact [email protected]

Note: The Language Editing Service is an optional offering provided by the Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering (EAJSE). Getting the service does not guarantee acceptance for publication since all submissions will go through standard peer review evaluation process.

English Editing Service Pricing for Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering (EAJSE)

At Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering (EAJSE), we understand the significance of clear and polished communication in scholarly publishing. Our English Editing Service is designed to help authors enhance the quality of their manuscripts and ensure their research is presented with the utmost clarity and professionalism.


English Editing Service


Word count



1. Basic Proofreading Package


-Spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction

-Basic formatting checks

-Technical terminology consistency


5 days



10 days






20 days



30 days


2.  All futures English Editing Package


-Improved sentence structure and coherence

-Clarity and readability enhancements

-Adherence to journal-specific style guidelines


10 days



20 days



30 days



45 days



60 days


Discount Opportunity

1. Member Discount: Editorial member of EAJSE receive a 50% discount on any package.

2. Student Discount: Ph.D., and Master students receive a 25% discount on the Basic Proofreading Package.

Some important Notes

1. All prices are in USD.

2. Word count is determined based on the original manuscript which is prepared according to the journal style.

3. Authors will receive an edited manuscript with tracked changes and comments for their review.

4. The estimated time may vary based on the current workload of the paper.

5. For a personalized quote or to inquire about our Proofreading of Language Editing Service, please contact [email protected] and provide your manuscript's word count and preferred package.

6. Please note that utilizing the Proofreading or Language Editing Service does not guarantee acceptance your manuscript for publication. All submissions will go through the standard peer review process.