Constraction of p-Adic Gibbs Measure for p-Adic λ-Ising Model

Author : Mutlay Dogan1
1Ishik University, Department of Mathematics, Erbil, Iraq

Abstract:   In this work we establish the existence of the p-adic Gibbs measure for the p-adic λ-Ising model on the Cayley tree of order two. In the previous studies, p-adic Ising model and p-adic λ-model were distinctly studied in many papers with the various properties. In this work, it is the first we combined both p-adic Ising model and p-adic λ-model on the Cayley tree of order two. In this research we only establish the model and we proved the existence of the p-adic Gibbs measures in the p-adic case. Here, we use the methods of p-adic analysis, and then, our results do not work in the real case.

Keywords: p-Adic Numbers, p-Adic Quasi Gibbs Measure, Dynamical System, Cayley Tree

doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i1sip192

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