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Determination of Heavy Metals in Soil and Some Selected Vegetables Irrigated with Waste Water Along Asikolaye Stream Kaduna, Nigeria
Authors: Sulaiman Aliyu & Kabir I. Khaulat & Abdulkadir Saidu & Salisu M. Tahir
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Simultaneous Determination of Binary Mixtures of Aniline and 2-Nitronailine in Tap Water Samples by Derivative Spectrophotometry
Authors: Shayma A. Nadir & Nabil A. Fakhre
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Lung Region Segmentation Using Modified U-Net Architecture
Authors: Zhakaw Hamza Hamad & Taban Fouad Majeed
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B-Spline Cubic Finite Element Method for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
Authors: Bashder O. Hussen & Younis A. Sabawi
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Attitudes of Iraqi Orthodontists Towards Tooth Extractions and Skeletal Anchorage Device (Mini-Implant)
Author: Saya Mustafa Azeez
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Chief Complaint of Dental Pediatric Patients Attending Pediatric Dental Clinic, Dentistry Faculty, Tishk International University
Authors: Bushra Rashid Noaman & Abdullah M. Bazrgan
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Characterizations and Environmental Applications of Various Synthesized Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles Using Sol-Gel Technique: A Review
Authors: Hawraz Sami Khalid & Saman Qadir Mawlud & Nabil Adil Fakhre
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On The Spectrum of the Matrix Operator A = (a nk ) on Hahn equence Space h
Authors: Maria Kawa & Orhan Tugˇ
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Formulation and Evaluation of Cefotaxime Sodium Loaded Emulgel for Topical Bacterial Infections
Authors: Esra Tariq Anwer & Omji Porwal & Sharad Visht & Sachin Kumar Singh & Amit Singh & Neeraj
Kumar Fuloria & Nitin Chitranshi & Dinesh Kumar Patel
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Size Effect on Shear Strength of RC Deep Beams Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)
Authors: Walat Omer Miro & Bahman Omer Taha & Kamaran S. Ismail
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Anti-inflammatory activity of Magic Spice Fruits of Sumac (Rhus coriaria L)
Authors: Saya Mohammed & Saran Qasm & Zeytun Hameed & Parua Walzi & Subasini Uthirapathy
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Chemical Characterization and Detection of Adulteration in Essential Oil of Lavandula Angustifolia Linn. by ATR-FTIR
Authors: Javed Ahamad & Alaa Younis Omer & Dastan Ahmad Majid & Tara Maghded Khidr & Sara Yousif Jameel & Mohd Javed Naim & Esra T. Anwer & Subasini Uthirapathy
P[150-157] PDF

Chemical Characterization and Detection of Adulteration in Olea Europaea Linn. Oil by ATR-FTIR Method
Authors: Javed Ahamad & Alaa Younis Omer & Dastan Ahmad Majid & Tara Maghded Khidr & Sara Yousif Jameel
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GIS Visualization of Solid Waste Disposal Sites and Environmental Impacts in Kurdistan Region-Iraq
Authors: Araz Ahmed Hamza & Nashwan Shawkat Mizzouri & Shuokr Qarani Aziz & Dara Muhammad Hawez & Shwana Braim Hassan Manguri & Kaywan Othman Ahmed & Sazan Mohammed Ali
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Real Time Monitoring and Controlling System for Newborn Babies in The Hospital: Review
Authors: Fairoz Qader Kareem & Wafaa Mustafa Abduallah
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Griess Assay of Salivary Nitrite Content with Extraction Preconcentration
Authors: Harez Sdiq Faraj & Nabil Adil Fakhre
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Investigating The Intersection of Wayfinding and Immersive Experience in Virtual Landscapes
Authors: Suna Korkmaz & Ikhwan Kim
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A Two-Layer Authentication Security Through Personal Mobile SMS for KRG-Iraq E-Government System
Authors: Saman M. Abdullah & Musa M. Ameen & Sipan Asaad Ahmed & Alina Najdat Muhamad
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Cobra Venom Neutralization Effect by Hemidesmus indicus Root Extract
Authors: Jaswanth Albert & Ganesh Akula & Javed Ahamad & Subasini Uthirapathy
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Curcumin: A Mini Review on its Synthetic Derivatives
Authors: Mohd. Javed Naim & Adil Ahamad & Esra Tariq Anwer & Abdul Samad Salahuddin
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The Impact of Public Space’s Physical Characteristics On Sense of Place in Erbil City. Commercial Streets as A Case Study
Authors: Zaynab A. Ahmed & Hamid T. Haykal
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Integrated Network Pharmacology and In-Silico Molecular Docking Studies to Unveil Mechanism of Action of Polyphenolic Compounds of Psidium Guajava for The Management of Thrombocytopenia
Authors: Adil Ahamad & Kamran Javed Naquvi & Mohd. Javed Naeem & Javed Ahamad & S. H. Ansari & Sayeed Ahmad
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In-Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Avocado Fruit Oil in Erbil, Kurdistan Region
Authors: Amani Tahsin & Rojan Arif & Esra Bayrakdar & Subasini Uthirapathy
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Piperine: A Mini Review on its Pharmacological Profile and Synthetic Derivatives
Authors: Mohd. Javed Naim & Javed Ahamad
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Detection of Some Virulence Factors in Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated from Different Sources in Erbil City
Authors: Berivan Ali Ahmad Hasary & Payman Ali Kareem
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Three Dimensional Evaluation of External Root Resorption of Maxillary Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment
Authors: Harez Dana Mustafa & Omar S. M. J.Ali
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Automatic Stadium Reservation System In Universities Based On Number Of Students In Each Department
Authors: Thikra Mohammed Ali & Yusra Sabah Mohammed & Huda Abdulbasit Abdullah & Muhammed S. Anwar
P[336-343] PDF

A Nobel Way of Examination Schedule and Sitting Plan Automation in Universities
Authors: Rawan Sami & Alein Awni & Muhammed S. Anwar
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