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Biophilic Design Patterns Implementation in Houses A Case Study of Residential Villages in Erbil City
Authors: Adeeb Nuri Ahmed & Shaaban Mustafa Shukur
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Oil Fields Flare Pollution
Authors: Jafar A. Ali & Loghman Khodakarami
P[20-33] PDF

Optimization and Characterization of Spray Pyrolysis Synthesized Nanostructured Nickel Oxide Films
Authors: Arsalan Ibrahim Khizir & Tariq Abdul-Hameed Abbas
P[34-43] PDF

The Effect of Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles on the Bonding Strength of Soft Denture Liner to the Denture Material
Authors: Zhala Dara Meran & Ranj Nadhim Salaie & Mina Khalid Ibrahim & Mariam Faris Elya & Wlat Hussein Khudhur
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Concepts of E-Governance Development: A Review
Authors: Zena A. Aziz & Amira Bibo Sallow
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A Posteriori 𝑳∞(𝑳𝟐) and 𝑳∞(𝑯𝟏) Error Analysis of Semdiscrete Semilinear Parabolic Problems
Author: Younis A. Sabawi
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A Transfer-Learning-Based Approach for Emergency Vehicle Detection
Author: Abubakar M. Ashir
P[75-89] PDF

Numerical Treatment of Allen’s Equation Using Semi Implicit Finite Difference Methods
Authors: Younis A. Sabawi & Supa B. Ahmed & Hoshman Q. Hamad
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Failure Control of an Electric Transmission Tower System under Strong Earthquakes
Authors: Nazim Abdul Nariman & Ilham Ibrahim Mohammad & Glena Nooraddin & Tavi Simko
P[101-118] PDF

Solution for Second-Order Differential Equation Using Least Square Method
Authors: Salisu Ibrahim & Abdulnasir Isah
P[119-125] PDF

A Real-Time Automatic Kurdistan Numberplate Recognition System
Author: Abubakar M. Ashir
P[126-138] PDF

Antifungal Impact of Some Medicinal Plants and Natural Products on Candida albicans and Its Biofilm Formation Capability
Authors: Hemn Abdulwahab Ahmad & Karzan Abdulmuhsin Mohammad
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Performance Analysis of Solar Water Heating System in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Authors: Sawan Hawro Khaleel & Ranj Sirwan Abdullah
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Early Childhood Dental Caries and Protective Strategies
Author: Dogan Ozdemir
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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Quarantine on Civil Engineers’ Performance and Projects’ Construction Delay
Authors: Kaywan Othman Ahmed & Shalaw Abdullah Saleh & Shuokr Qarani Aziz & Tave Simko Mohamed & Glena Nooraddin Sabir
P[168-179] PDF

Initial Impact of an Educational Program Programme for the Orphans in Erbil City
Authors: Bushra Rashid & Zainab Yalman Othman
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Smart Learning Environment for Engineering Faculty: TIU as a Case Study
Authors: Rand B. Mohammed & Merve Sumeyye Taha & Sana Basil Mohammed
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Access to and Utilization of Information and Communication Technology by the Teaching Staff at Tishk International University
Authors: Togzhan Nurtayeva & Mowafaq Muhammed Al-Kassab & Azhar Abdulrazak Alhasoo
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Feed Forward Neural Network – Facial Expression Recognition Using 2D Image Texture
Authors: Wisam A. Qader & Saman Mirza Abdullah & Musa M. Ameen & Muhammed S. Anwar
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Appell Type Changhee Polynomials Operational Matrix of Fractional Derivatives and its Applications
Author: Abdulnasir Isah
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Determination of Heavy Metals in Dump Site at Katsina States
Authors: Muhammad Usman & Abubakar Abdullahi Lema & Mahmoud Dogara Abdulrahman
P[235-241] PDF

Empirical Study of Steel Slag Powder on Modification of Asphalt Concrete
Authors: Asmaa Abdulmajeed Mamhusseini & Bako Bakr Hasan & Rahel Zahir Ali & Karzan Mahmood Hasan
P[242-255] PDF