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Quantification of Methane Emission for Tanjaro Dumping Site in Sulaymaniyah-Iraq and Implementing Compatible Methane Abatement Strategies for the City
Authors: Peshang Hama Kari & Piotr Manczarski & Saban Kara
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Rheological Behavior of Recycled Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacted Concrete with Recycled Coarse Aggregate
Authors: Shkar Latif & Bayan Salim Al-Nu’man & Esamaddin Mulapeer
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An Efficient Image De-Blurring Technique Using Point Spread Function in High Definition Medical Image
Authors: Mohammed Anwar & Abubakar Muhammad Ashir
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Geospatial and Multivariate Statistical Interpretations for Relationships between Physico-Chemical Properties and Heavy Metals in Some Agricultural Soils of Kalar and Quratoo Sub-Districts, East Iraq
Authors: Hayder Mohammed Issa & Azad H. Alshatteri
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Parametric Study of Filter Lengths Effect on Stability of Earth Dams
Author: Thamir Mohammed Ahmed
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Design and Construction of Deep Excavations
Authors: Barham J. Nareeman & Asmaa Abdulmajeed Mamhusseini
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Reference Evapotranspiration Modeling Using Heuristic Computing Model in Distinct Climate Stations
Authors: Ala Tahsin & Jazuli Abdullahi
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Data-Driven Techniques for Monthly Pan Evaporation Modeling in Iraq
Authors: Jazuli Abdullahi & Ala Tahsin
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Construction of Waste Plastic Roads Using Black Viscous Blend of Hydrocarbons
Author: Asmaa Abdulmajeed Mamhusseini
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Sustainable Designs between Traditional & Contemporary Architecture
Authors: Shatha Y. Alsheikh & Bayda H. Saffo & Niam B. Manona
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The Effect of Doped by Nano and Micro Zno Particles on Optical and Structural Properties of PVA Films
Author: Ilham K. Onees
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Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures in Erbil City, Capital City of Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Authors: Zina A. Abduljaleel & Bahman O. Taha & Abdulhammed A. Yaseen
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Performance Based Time History Analysis of Five Story Shear Frame Building Using MATLAB and ETABS
Authors: Ahmed S. Brwa & Twana Ahmed Hussein & Barham Haydar & Siva Kumar
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The Influence of Parametric Design Tools on Increasing Creativity in the Furniture Design Process
Authors: Shalaw Hamza Hamad & Husein Ali Husein
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The Service Range of Hospitals and the Syntactic Values of Their Positions in Erbil
Author: No’man M.H. Bayaty
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