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Approximate Solution of the Kersten-Krasil’shchik Coupled Kdv-Mkdv System via Reduced Differential Transform Method
Authors: Ahmed F. Qasim & Mohammed O. Al-Amr
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Optimal Formula about Ordering the Random Variables Problem
Author: Ivan S. Latif
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Hybridization of Genetic Algorithm with Homotopy Analysis Method for Solving Fractional Partial Differential Equations
Authors: Ahmed Entesar & Omar Saber & Waleed Al-Hayani
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Real-time Transceiver System Based on Rapid-I/O Protocol
Authors: Rand B. Mohammed & Roelof van Silfhout
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The Relation between the Spaces L1(F ) and L1(T) with Some Applications
Author: Rashad Rashid Haji
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Ultrasound-Assisted Synthesis of Some New N-(Substituted Carboxylic Acid-2-Yl)-6-Methyl-4-Substituted Phenyl-3, 4-Dihydropyrimidine-2(1H)- One Carboxamides
Authors: Karzan K. Hameed & Faiq S. Hussain
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Association of Metabolic Syndrome with Types of Heart Failure in Patients Referred to Hawler Teaching Hospital
Authors: Abdulkareem Al-Othman & Zana Ahmed
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Analysis of the Generalized Certain Nested Repeated Measures Models
Authors: Sami D. Gabbara & Evar L. Sadraddin & Namam J. Mahmoud
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Corridor Based Horizontal Highway Alignment Optimization Using GIS and Genetic Algorithms
Authors: Botan Majeed Ahmad AL-Hadad
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Construction of Bivariate F-Control Chart with Application
Authors: Taha Hussein Ali  & Alan Ghafur Rahim  & Dlshad Mahmood Saleh
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Modelling Energy Demand Forecasting Using Neural Networks with Univariate Time Series
Authors: Selcuk Cankurt & Muhammed Yasin
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Strongly Semiunits and Tri-Regular Elements in Rings
Authors: Parween Ali Hummadi & Suham Hamad Awla
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On Soft Semi-Open Sets and Soft Semi-Continuity in Fuzzifying Soft Topological Spaces
Authors: Ramadhan A. Mohammed & Tahir H. Ismail & A. A. Allam
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Flexural Behavior of Self Compacting Concrete T-Beams Reinforced with AFRP
Author: Sinan Abdulhkaleq Yaseen
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Characterizations of S ̃p_c-Open Sets and S ̃p_c- almost Continuous Mapping in Soft Topological Spaces
Authors: Qumri H. Hamko & Nehmat K. Ahmed
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