Characterizations of S ̃p_c-Open Sets and S ̃p_c- almost Continuous Mapping in Soft Topological Spaces

Authors: Qumri H. Hamko1 & Nehmat K. Ahmed2
1University of Salahaddin, Mathematics Department, College of Education, Erbil, Iraq
2University of Salahaddin, Mathematics Department, College of Education, Erbil, Iraq

Abstract:  The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concepts of s ̃p_c – closure and s ̃p_c – interior operations and study the properties of s ̃p_c – closure and s ̃p_c – interior of a soft set in a soft topological space, also we aim to study properties of s ̃p_c– derived, s ̃p_c– frontier and s ̃p_c– Exterior of soft set using the concept of s ̃p_c– open set. Finally we introduce the concept of almost s ̃p_c– continuous mapping and investigate properties and characterizations of these new types of mapping.

Keywords: Soft Closed Set, Soft Pre–Open Set, s ̃p_c–Open Set And s ̃p_c–Almost Continuity

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v4i2p192


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