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Self-Compacting Concrete Reinforced with Steel Fibers from Scrap Tires: Rheological and Mechanical Properties
Authors: Khaleel H. Younis & Fatima S. Ahmed & Khalid B. Najim
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Evaluation of Wastewater Characteristics in the Urban Area of Sulaimanyah Governorate in Kurdistan-Iraq
Author: Abdulfattah Ahmad Amin
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Investigation of a Developed Deflection Control Model of Reinforced Concrete Two Way Slab Systems
Authors: Bayan S. Al-Nu’man & Caesar S. Abdullah
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Long-term Evaluation of Temporal Variation in Groundwater Physicochemical Quality: A Case Study of Erbil City, Iraq (2003 – 2015)
Author: Hayder Mohammed Issa
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Prediction of Mobile Radio Wave Propagation in Complex Topography
Author: Qaysar S.Mahdi
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Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Symmetrical Bis-Isatins Derived From p-Substituted Aromatic Amines
Authors: Faiq H. S.Hussain & Hussein K A. Khudhur
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Effect of Functionally Graded Elastic Moduli for the Unidirectional Lamina
Authors: Nazik Khalid Hasan & Saad Essa
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Nanostructured Device in Sensing Applications: A Review
Authors: Azeez Abdullah Barzinjy & Salih Hassan Salih & Zana Ali Sadraden & Herish M. Qadir
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Gamma-Rays Spectroscopy by Using a Thallium Activated Sodium Iodide NaI(Ti)
Authors: Ari M. Hamad & Hiwa M. Qadr
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Effects of Dam Tunnel Longitudinal Slope, Flow Rates and Gate Lip Geometry on Top Pressure Coefficient
Authors: Thamir M. Ahmed & Sheeraz Ameen
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Influence of Upstream Blanket on Earth Dam Seepage

Authors: Krikar M-Gharrib Noori & Hawkar Hashim Ibrahim & Ahmed Mohammed Hasan
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The Effect of Stacking Sequence and Layer Number on the Natural Frequency of Composite Laminated Plate
Author: Junaid Kameran Ahmed
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An Evolutionary Model for Optimizing Rail Transit Station Locations
Authors: Chro H. Ahmed & Hardy K. Karim & Hirsh M. Majid
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A Case Study: Effect of Soil-Flexibility on the Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Intermediate-Rise Regular Buildings in Halabja City
Author: Rabar Faraj
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A Review of Person Recognition Based on Face Model
Authors: Shakir F. Kak & Firas Mahmood Mustafa & Pedro Valente
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Employing Smartphone and Compact Camera in Building Measurements
Author: Haval A. Sadeq
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A Comparative Study of the Seismic Provisions between Iraqi Seismic Codes 2014 and 1997 for Kurdistan Region/Iraq
Authors: Bahman Omar Taha & Sarkawt Asaad Hasan
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