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Comparison Study of Multi-Beams Radar under Different Radar Cross Section and Different Transmitting Frequency
Author: Qaysar S.Mahdi
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A New Taxonomy of Mobile Banking Threats, Attacks and User Vulnerabilities
Authors: Saman Mirza Abdullah & Bilal Ahmed & Musa Ameen
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Modeling Deflection Control of Reinforced Concrete Slab Systems Using Utility Theory and Sensitivity Analysis
Authors: Bayan S. Al-Nu’man & Caesar S. Abdullah
P[21-32] PDF

Nörlund Matrix Domain on Sequence Spaces of p-adic Numbers
Author: Orhan Tuğ
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Prediction of Punching Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab by ANSYS
Author: Mohammed Ali Ihsan Saber
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Mathematical Modeling of the Impact of Cell Phone Radiation on the Human Brain
Authors: Azeez Abdullah Barzinjy & Najim Hama-Amin & Ari Othman
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Effect of Steel Reinforcement on the Minimum Depth-Span Ratio
Authors: Mereen Hassan Fahmi Rasheed & Saad Essa
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Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Iron Waste as a Partial Replacement of Sand
Authors: Krikar M-Gharrib Noori & Hawkar Hashim Ibrahim
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Energy Efficient Optimization in a Typical School Building: Kurdistan Typical School Buildings as a Case Study
Authors: Chro Hama Radha & Husein Ali Husein
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Analysis of Elastic Beams on Linear and Nonlinear Foundations Using Finite Difference Method
Author: Saad Essa
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Experimental Study on Hardened Properties of High Strength Concretes Containing Metakaolin and Steel Fiber
Author: Barham Haidar Ali
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Survivability Analysis of GSM Network Systems
Author: Qaysar S. Mahdi
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Use of Different Graded Brass Debris in Epoxy-Resin Composites to Improve Mechanical Properties
Authors: Younis Khalid Khdir & Gailan Ismail Hassan
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Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Bis-(Dihydropyrimidinones-5-Carboxamide) by Using Ultrasonic Irradiation
Authors: Faiq H.S.Hussain & Havall O. Abdulla
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An Approach for Description of Elastic Parameters of Cross-Anisotropic Saturated Soils
Author: Ahmed Mohammed Hasan
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Proposed Sustainability Checklist for Construction Projects
Authors: Bayan S. Al-Nu’man & Thamir M. Ahmed
P[154-159] PDF

Application of a Proposed Sustainability Checklist for Construction Projects
Authors: Thamir M. Ahmed & Bayan S. Al-Nu‟man
P[160-166] PDF

Nano-Silica Modified Recycled Aggregate Concrete: Mechanical Properties and Microstructure
Author: Khaleel H. Younis
P[167-176] PDF

Hydrological Study and Analysis of Two Farm Dams in Erbil Governorate
Author: Basil Younus Mustafa
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