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Classification of All Primitive Groups of Degrees Four and Five
Author: Haval M. Mohammed Salih
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Determining the Main Physicochemical Properties of Betwain (Rania) Plain Soils
Authors: Akram Othman Esmail & Shwana Abdlla Khdir
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New Weights for Estimating Normal Surface in the Triangular Mesh
Author: Kawa M. A. Manmi
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Waste of Space in the Design of Contemporary Local Dwelling Units
Author: Hamid Turki Haykal
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Disease and Environmental Factor of Cracking Pomegranate Fruit (Punica granatum L.)
Author: Rabar Fatah Salih
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Effects of Gate Lip Shapes on Hydrodynamic Forces on Gate Dam Tunnels
Author: Thamir M.Ahmed
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The Impacts of Salt Stress on Growth Factors and Photosynthesis Pigments in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.)
Authors: Farhad Ismail Ahmadi & Mustafa Yunis Rashid
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Increasing Solid Waste Generation in Sulaimania City as a New Challenge to the Environment of the City
Author: Twana A. Tahir
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Antimicrobial Activity of Cyperus rotundus Linn. Extracts and Phytochemical Screening
Authors: Khalid Karzan & Bushra Shnawa & Shorish Gorony
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Simulation of Three-Dimensional Flow Field around Unconventional Bridge Piers
Authors: Adnan Ismael & Hamid Hussein & Mohammed Tareq & Mustafa Gunal
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Measuring Object Dimensions and its Distances Based on Image Processing Technique by Analysis the Image Using Sony Camera
Authors: Huda M. Jawad & Tahseen A. Husain
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On the Domain of Nörlund Matrix in the Space of Bounded Variation Sequences
Author: Orhan Tug
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A Short Review on p-Adic Numbers
Author: Mutlay Dogan
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Mechanical Behavior of Concrete with Cement Partially Replaced by Chewed Gum
Authors: Najmadeen M. Saeed & Arass O. Mawlod & Ahmed A. Manguri
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Demonstration of the Effectiveness of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) in the Pond Waste Water Purification of Moscow City Treatment Facilities
Authors: Duran Kala & Vlademir Ilich Busigin
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Evaluation of Mobile GSM Performance under Different Atmospheric Propagation Models
Authors: Qaysar S.Mahdi & Idris H.Salih
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Modeling of ATCR Radar Monitor System Using Computer Simulation
Author: Qaysar Mahdi
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The Effect of Phosphorus Fertilizers on Faba Bean Plant Growth in Soils were Polluted by Heavy Metals
Author: Ismaeel Ahmed
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Finite Element Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Column after Exposure to Fire
Authors: Ali Raad Ismael Al-janabi & Mohd Nizam Shakimon
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The Effect of Horizontal Smooth Joints on Strength and Deformability of Sandstone
Author: Younis Alshkane
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Gomaspan Dam Catchment Area Runoff Volume Evaluation by SCS Method
Author: Basil Younus Mustafa
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Mathematical Modeling of Mass Change in Biosensor Quartz Crystal Microbalance Using Matlab
Authors: Azeez Abdullah Barzinjy & Haidar Jalal Ismael & Mohammed Abdullah Hamad & Samir Mustafa Hamad & Mudhaffer Mustafa Ameen
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Comparison between Destructive and Non-Destructive Test on Concrete
Authors: Junaid Kameran Ahmed & Mohammed Tareq Shukri
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Characteristics of Domestic Solid Wastes in the Judiciary of Tuz Khurmatu/ Iraq
Authors: Shno Mustafa Ali & Younis Mustafa Ali & Mariwan Ridha Faris
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GC-MS Determination and Identification of Eleven Fatty Acids in Triglycerides Isolated from the Seeds of Traditional Kurdish Medicinal Plant Anchusa azurea Mill.
Authors: Peshawa Osw & Faiq Hussain & Davide Gozzini & Giovanni Vidari
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Semi Nilpotent Elements
Authors: Kurdistan M. Ali & Parween A. Hummadi
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Effects of Tunnel Dam Gate Lip Geometries on Downpull Force Coefficients
Authors: Thamir M. Ahmed & Awat O. Anwar
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Interaction Effect of Silicon and Lead on Growth and Development on PisumSativum Plants
Author: Halalal R. Qader
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