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The Cumulative Effects of Stinging Nettle Plant Extract (Urtica pilulifera) on Some Biological Aspects of Mosquito (Culex pipiens L.)
Authors: Badia’a Mahmoud Al-Chalabi & Bizheen Naji Taha
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Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Wurtzite Bulk and Zinc Blende CdSe Nanowires and Nanoplayer
Authors: Ibrahim Nazem Qader & Botan Jawdat Abdullah & Hawbash Hamadamin Karim
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Further Histological and Ultrastructural Observations on the Cestode, Senga Mastacembeli Sp. N. with the Revesion of Genus Specieses
Authors: Samir J. Bilal & Shamall M. A. Abdullah & Zohair I. F. Rahemo
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Effect of Selected Plant Extracts on Malssezia Furfur in Culture
Authors: Salah Mahdi Al-Bader & Fahmi Saeed Moqbel
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Deformation and visual pollution in the commercial streets of the old city of Mosul
Author: Jangy Jalal Kadir
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Incidence of Microascus/Scopulariopsis Species Complex (Microascales:Ascomycota) in Fitted Carpet Dust From Residential Houses and Mosques in Duhok Province, Iraq
Authors: Samir Khalaf Abdullah & Hend Abdulsalam Hussein
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Cytogenetic Study among Chemical Bombardment Survivors in Shekh Wasan & Balisan Valley Kurdistan Region-Iraq
Authors: Hazha Jamal Hidayet & Sheeman Hameed Mohammed
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Spectrophotometric Study and Analytical Applications of Iron (III)-Chelate System with (Mordant Blue-9) Reagent in Aqueous Solution
Author: Dheyaa JirjeesYaqoob
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Nonlinear Pushover Analysis for Steel Beam-Column Connection
Authors: Sardasht Sardar , Mahir Mahmod & Imad Shakir
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Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Some Metal Complexes of Azo Guanosine and Adenosine Derivatives
Authors: Nahla A. A. Aljabar & Ahmed Abdulsattar
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Comparative Crystal Field Studies of Some Ligand of Cr3+ Complexes
Author: Azeez Abdullah Azeez Barzinjy
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Incidence and Molecular Identification of Escherichia Coli Harbouring Gentamicin Resistant Gene among Pregnant Women
Authors: Hassan M. Tawfeeq & Ahmed M. Tofiq & Kameran M. Ali
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Isolation, Biochemical Identification and Antioxidant Activity of Locally Isolated Lactobacillus spp in Garmian Area
Authors: Hana K. Maikhan & Saman M. Mohammad-Amin
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First Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Cholesterol and Triglyceride in Human Serum
Authors: Nabil A. Fakhre & Dashty K. Ali
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Prediction of Shear Strength of Ultra High Performance Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams without Stirrups by Neural Network
Authors: Sinan Abdulkhaleq Yaseen & Omar Qarani Aziz & B.H. Abu Bakar
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Enlarging Satellite Images based on Fractal Techniques
Author: Hassaan Th. H. Thabet
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Estimation of Vitamin D and some Hematological parameters among Women Refugees in Hawler Province
Author: Ahmed Abduljalal Abduljabbar
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Role of Pre-existing Settlements in the Urban Expansion of Erbil
Author: Hamid Turki Haykal
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Constraction of p-Adic Gibbs Measure for p-Adic λ-Ising Model
Author: Mutlay Dogan
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Effect of Different Environment on Physical Properties of Plantanus orientalis L. in Erbil Governorate
Authors: Tara N. Ismail & Halmat A. Sabr & Sherzad O. Osman
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On the Matrix Domain in the Sequence u
Author: Orhan Tuğ
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Shear Strength Prediction of High Performance Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams with Stirrups by ANSYS
Authors: Mohammad Ali Ihsan & Omar Qarani Aziz & Sinan Abdulkhaleq Yaseen
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On Involving Infrastructure Topics in the Civil Engineering Department Curriculum-Survey of Graduate Students Views
Authors: Bayan Salim AlNuman & Thamir M. Ahmed & Ghada AlSakkal
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Review on Some Sequence Spaces of p-adic Numbers
Authors: Orhan Tuğ & Mutlay Doğan
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Linear Modelling for Sustainable Transportation System
Authors: Hassan Majeed Hassoon Aldelfi
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