Further Histological and Ultrastructural Observations on the Cestode, Senga Mastacembeli Sp. N. with the Revesion of Genus Specieses

Authors :Samir J. Bilal1 & Shamall M. A. Abdullah2 & Zohair I. F. Rahemo33
1Deparment of Fish Res. Aqu. Animals- College of Agriculture/ Salahaddin University
2Deparment of Biology- College of Education/ Ishik University
3Deparment of Biology- College of Education, Hamdania University, Enkawa, Erbil

Abstract:  A total of 122 Mastacembelus mastacembelus were collected from Greater Zab river near Erbil city, Kurdistan region, north of Iraq, during the period from January to the end of December 2011. In the laboratory, the fish was identified and then the fishes were opened from the abdominal site and the gastrointestinal tract was removed out and examined carefully for cestodes. Live cestodes were recovered from the intestine of the infected fish and examined by compound light microscope and scanning microscope, also histological sections were prepared for some samples. The study showed a number of differential characters of Senga mastacembli sp. n. which not revealed during the first description by Rahemo (1996) also during the ultra-structural study of it by Rahemo and Mohammad. (1998). The study improved that the species S. Mastacembli is a valid species name, also the type host of it M. Simach is regarded as a synoname to M. mastacembli and the last is regarded as a type host for this cestode.

doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i1sip27

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