Enlarging Satellite Images based on Fractal Techniques

Authors :Hassaan Th. H. Thabet1
1Department of Electrical Technology, Technical Institute of Mosul, Northern Technical University, Mosul,Iraq

Abstract:   In this work, a very brief definition and history of Fractals were presented. Fractals are commonly found in nature; which implies that they should be good candidates for modeling different types of real world signals. Fractal-based techniques have found many applications in the field of Remote Sensing by using special computer algorithms. This paper describes the usage of fractal techniques in the enlargement of satellite imageries in order to get more information from them with approximately no distortion (zooming into the image many times). In order to have a practical experience, this research has also analyzed successful implementation of Fractal techniques on a satellite image.

Keywords: Remote Sensing, Fractals, Image Processing, Dimension, Computer Graphics

doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i1sip165

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