Raising Environmental Awareness among Young Generation Using Social Media: A Case “Green It at Ishik University”

Author : Mehmet Ozdemir & Rasha Alkabbanie

Abstract:   The paper examines the role of social media in creating environmental awareness, responsibilities or issues of among young generation (especially Higher education students). The authors attempted to determine whether there are present and how can be developed environmental awareness or issues behavior on social networking sites like Facebook. The campaign was designed based on a practical model and implemented in a case study of 3rd grade of computer engineering department in Ishik University. The Social media platform (Facebook) formed the technological foundation of the campaign. Throughout the campaign prepared information about environmental awareness or responsibilities documentation was distributed by means of these Facebook to selected students in the case study. Issues related to environmental management as well as suggested strategies to deal with them was also communicated to the target students. In order to determine the growth of awareness related to environmental issues and to get feedback on the campaign benefits and problems, two surveys were applied before and after implementation process. Massages (campaign prepared information) were posted at regular periods (one mouth) throughout the Facebook. The findings revealed that Social Media was found to be ineffective method of raising the environmental awareness among the higher education students in Kurdistan.

Keywords:  Social Media, Facebook, Awareness, Campaign, Green ICT, Young Generation, And Students

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v2i2p68