Developing a Novel Approach for Evaluation Performance of the Engineering Departments Managers Using 360° Technique

Authors : Faiq M. S. Al-Zwainy & Mohammed S. Kh. Al-Marsomi

Abstract:   This paper deals with creating evaluation criteria for the planning, design, execution managers in Housing Directorate, which is very important for the service quality in work. Results of the study proved the possibility of the use of 360° technique in evaluating the performance of managers in the Housing Directorate, which means the possibility of circulation in the construction sector. Moreover, the study showed in general of gaps between self-evaluation and individual evaluation process, which indicates the need for an organizational culture that encourages objectivity in passing judgments and accepts the views of others. The existence of negative gaps in responses between the parties of the evaluation process appears the manager’s overstatement in the existence of the evaluation criteria in them. Therefore, the final degree of evaluation was (4.28) v. Good for planning manager, (4.56) excellent for design manager and (3.84) v. Good for execution manager.

Keywords:  Performance of Individuals, 360 Techniques, Residential Complexes Projects

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v2i2p56