Analysis of Antenna Types Performance in Mobile Phone Base Station

Authors :Saba Fadhel Jaf & Muhammed Fadhel Jaf & Niyaz Fadhel Jaf


Abstract:   The paper is evaluate the usage antenna type k742225 in Kalar towers mobile phone base station in Asia cell in Kurdistan in south of Sulymaniya. By studying the characteristics of the above type of antenna in this paper a comparison made between the performance of antenna type k742225 and Kathrein antenna other types for Kalar towers mobile phone base station in Asia cell by using the Tool Site master. Simulation results indicate that antenna type k742225depends on the network environment and different environments may lead to different optimization results in terms of capacity and coverage performance. The result shows that coverage analysis best compare to Kathrein antenna other types, Kathrein antennas type k742225 still have better performance in term of coverage enhancement and interference control. This pattern we can see the first NULL of Kathrein antenna type k742225 show better attenuation than Kathrein antenna other types and also it have bigger vertical beam width and under the antenna Kathrein have more propagation. To finding the suitable Kathrein antenna type is a very critical issue in cellular network, since it affects the system performance, aiming to enhance the signal strengths of serving cells, in addition to reducing the interference levels with the cellular system.

Keywords:  k742225 Antenna, Tower, Mobile Phone, Capacity, Coverage

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v2i2p1