The Critical Links between Socio-Demographic Dynamics of Sundarbans Impact Zone and Forest Resource Depletion, Bangladesh: A Review

Author :Sanaul Haque Mondal

Abstract:  The question often asked is, does population dynamics in Sundarbans Impact Zone (SIZ) matters to degradation of Sundarbans Reserve Forest in Bangladesh? This study aims to examine the link whether population factors contribute to degradation of Sundarbans or not. Population size of SIZ increased by around 56% in 2011 compared with 1974 (from 1377763 in 1974 to 2155889 in 2011). Annual population growth rate in SIZ districts decreased dramatically, but sheer number of population increased significantly which had contributed to increase the overall population size. During 2001 and 2011, population growth rate of SIZ area was negative, yet the forest land decreased which could be explained by the impact of climate change. Hence, not only population factors but also other mediating factors are interplaying to the depletion of resources from Sundarbans. Rigorous study on demographic determinants of SIZ is required while formulation policies and programs at micro and macro level.

Keywords:  Sundarbans Impact Zone (SIZ), Population Dynamics, Resource Depletion, Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.2415215